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Ultimate WooCommerce Customizer

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WooCommerce is the worlds most popular shopping cart software, and this presents its own problems. Nearly all sites running WooCommerce on a popular theme look the same. But just imagine, for a moment if you will if you could turn that popular theme with WooCommerce into something completely unique. For the average person new to WooCommerce, fiddling with PHP, CSS, HTML and JavaScript is just too complicated, and I’d have to agree. Why use software like Woo on WordPress if you still have to code? You want a turnkey solution that’s easy to use and gives results. This is where Ultimate Woo Customizer steps in.

Would you like to change the button font family, button color or even add a cart icon to the button? What about changing the WooCommerce add to cart text to something different?

Would you like to change the WooCommerce sales flash to something different such as clearance or maybe even the percentage off?

Would you like to change the tab names and descriptions? Maybe even remove some altogether?

Maybe you’d like to add an empty cart button tot he cart page? Or incentivise larger carts with you only need $XX.XX to reach free shipping?

Maybe you want to show your customers how much they’ve saved with their savvy shopping?

Do you want to edit the checkout page and make it look unique?

If you wanted to do this on your website you’d have to dig into a pile of PHP, jQuery, HTML and CSS. Your primary goal is to sell, not spend countless hours working on making your online store unique and potentially breaking something along the way and then having to pay a professional to fix it. That’s where Ultimate WooCommerce Customizer comes in to rescue the day.

With Ultimate WooCommerce Customizer you don’t need any coding skills at all, only a creative imagination to make your store unique. In under 20 minutes, you can utilize any number of the approximately 300 options to totally transform your shop with ease and speed.

With Ultimate Woo Customizer you can do in a matter of minutes what used to take hours, or even days.

Change fonts – Google fonts included
Add icons to the add to cart button
Change button colours
Change button shape
Button padding
Button borders
Change the number of columns
Change the number of products on the page
Add a new badge
Change the sales flash text and colour
Show payment methods on the product page
Show number of products sold over a selected number sold (great for social proof)
Button animation effects
Change tabs design and position layout
Change tab names and descriptions
Add additional messages
Change sold out text
Remove a number of elements from the shop page
Remove cross sells from cart page
Show total savings
Show message for $xx.xx to free shipping
Remove product link from cart
Change the remove this item icon
Add an empty cart link
Hide other shipping methods if free is available
Reposition some checkout fields
Remove checkout fields
Change checkout fields to required or optional
Rename checkout fields
Change checkout field placeholder text
Change checkout form styling
Change place order text
Add additional messages to the checkout form
Add terms and conditions checkbox
Add backorder alert message
Checkout quick scroll buttons
Add 2 additional checkout fields
Add an additional optional checkout field fee eg. Gift wrapping for $5
Change the WooCommerce message styling
Google fonts everywhere
That is just some of what this plugin can do. As it grows more features and options will be added.

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Ultimate WooCommerce Customizer

An annual licence entitles you to 1 year of updates and support. Your subscription will auto-renew each year until cancelled

A lifetime licence entitles you to updates and support forever. It is a one-time payment, not a subscription. Never pay again.

Sticky Add to Cart Description

Modern WooCommerce websites need a modern solution for large product galleries and long descriptions. If you’re a shopper and you are scrolling down a page reading a description or looking at images, you can quickly lose sight, quite figuratively of the important information about a product, including the main call to action, the add to cart button. Sticky add to cart for Woo aims to solve that problem by always keeping the button visible on the page at all times.

How can Sticky Add to Cart for WooCommerce benefit your store? 

If you look at many of the top performing e-commerce stores they mostly have a few things in common, and a cart area that’s always visible on the page is one of them. By keeping the most important call to action of the product page constantly visible it increases your chances of a conversion.

With this plugin you can:

  • 3 Different positions. Top, bottom and slide in from the side
  • Works with variable products
  • Optionally display image, title, price, star ratings, quantity select, variations select for both mobile and desktop
  • Open and close toggle
  • Set the height of the top or bottom bar* All free features
  • Set the bar background color
  • Set the color of the border
  • Set font size and color
  • Set add to cart button colors
  • Optional ajax add to cart
  • Custom redirect after add to cart including custom page
  • Style the image border radius
  • Open and close toggle or auto slide in and out option

Drive more sales and increase conversions with the help of Sticky Add to Cart for Woo


  • Version 1.0.4
  • Last Updated 11 September 2019
  • Released 14 June 2019
  • View Changelog


  • WordPress5.2.3
  • WooCommerce 3.7


  • WordPress4.8
  • WooCommerce* 2.6.14+
  • PHP5.3+