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Major update May 2, 2021. Bug fixes and performance enhancements. Read below

Avoid customer frustration and disappointment while you save time and stress with backorder alert for WooCommerce, the best backorder management plugin for WooCommerce.

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Product Description

WooCommerce backorders can be a wonderful thing. They allow you to continue selling stock while you wait for new stock to arrive which keeps the cash flowing, and they also assist custom made businesses manage products and orders as they come in. But for all its good, it can be cumbersome and annoying, for both customer and store owner.

Look, I’ve been there as a store owner. You need to keep sales coming while your stock is on the back of a truck or a ship somewhere. By allowing backorders on your products customers can still buy and you simply ship when the items arrive in stock. It’s nice in theory, but it can be temperamental at times.

Problem 1. The backorder notice, when enabled, is not that noticable. Let’s face it. Shoppers are lazy and rarely take notice of text. You could place a coupon code in a product description and 99% of shoppers would not see it. Why are we expecting them to notice some small text that an item is on backorder?

Problem 2. What does backorder mean? You may find this funny, but not everyone knows what backorder means. They may see the text but not know what it means.

Problem 3. The order email says processing. This just adds more confusion to the mix when they get an email saying that their order is processing giving them the impression that you are preparing the order for delivery.

Problem 4. When you change the status to in stock you have no proof the item was ever on backorder.

Solutions… Backorder Alert for WooCommerce, the best backorder management plugin for WooCommerce.

Catch a glimpse of these great features that will ensure there are no more frustrations and disappointments from your customers and far more time saved and stress reduced for you.

  • Backorder notice placed where the add to cart button is advising the item is on backorder
  • Backorder notice contains a button that says buy anyway which reveals the add to cart button
  • Backorder notice can contain a link to a description of what a backorder is in a nice and neat modal overlay
  • You can change the sitewide backorder notice text
  • Change the backorder test at the product level. This is especially helpful if you are taking leave for 2 weeks and use the sitewide text but have a product that will not be in stock for 6 weeks
  • Ability to place a backorder notice on the checkout page if their cart contaions a backordered item
  • Ability to add a required checkbox to the chec=kout page acknowledging the customer has backordered items in the cart
  • When enabled, the checkbox status is recorded on the customers order details page confirming they accepted a backordered item in their cart
  • Custom order status of backorder for any orders that contain a backordered item
  • Filter to backorder order statuses
  • Bulk edit orders to backordered
  • Custom email template advising the customer they have ordered a backordered item

This plugin really is the best WooCommerce backorder management plugin available anywhere

May 2021 update

In May 2021, Wiz Plugins released a major update for Backorder Alert. If you have a previous version installed you will need to update the settings again. These changes addressed bugs and performance bottlenecks.

The changes.

  • Now translatable. When Backorder Alert was first released we never envisaged selling the plugin, but seeing its potential we released it for sale. In our haste, we forgot to make it translateable, a problem which is now solved (back-order-alert)
  • Option to show quantity. This now allows you to display how many of an item or variation is available
  • Thank you page message. This can be an added reminder and thanks on the thankyou page
  • Instead of sorting through each product in the order on every page load to see if it contains a back ordered item, we now add an order meta field that is stored on the order. This solves the problem of orders mistakenly being marked with no back ordered items and vice versa.
  • No need to set the option to notify customer in the general product settings


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