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Product Description

What sells a product better than anything else? Reviews and recommendations (I know, one in the same). When something is good, people will recommend it to their colleagues, friends and family, as well as social media followers and in groups and forums. The power of reviews is paramount among all else when marketing a product. So why not take advantage of this power and use it to help you sell more?

What’s this plugin do?

Everywhere you look if a review is present, it’s prominent on the page. The actual feedback may be a little further down the page, but the star icons are high above the fold and positioned so they are almost in the middle of the screen, certain to catch your eye. While the stars are good, consumers will read through the reviews for positive signals to encourage them to buy. What this plugin does is opens the review tab by default, so that the reviews are clearly visible to the consumer.

What happens when there are no reviews?

If you have a product that has no reviews the description tab will open as usual, or if you set a custom tab it will open instead. You can use a custom tab to promote favourable shipping terms, Terms and conditions, sale items, upsells or cross sells.

But what about the description?

The tabs all remain and remain in their usual position. Nothing there will change. They can all be manually opened by the visitor to the site. If you’re concerned that people won’t read the description, don’t worry. Those who want to read it will click the tab, and those who don’t read them never will regardless. Besides, user generated content in the form of reviews offers as much value as a description. If you’re still concerned about the description, place a coupon code in the middle of the description and see how many people actually use it. You may be surprised.

My own study on an ecommerce website showed that fewer than 10% of people actually used the coupon code that I planted, meaning not everyone had read the description.

Plugin Features

  • Open review tab by default
  • If no reviews you can open another tab
  • Works with all custom tab plugins and functions.php code snippets
  • Reorder reviews from newest to oldest
  • Change review icon
  • Change review icon size and color


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