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Give your website a clean and modern looking makeover with Pretty Checkout.

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Product Description

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Give your site a modern cart and checkout experience with Pretty Checkout.

Pretty Checkout is styled to appear like the new WooCommerce Blocks cart and checkout pages, but will work with all gateways.

Tested with the most popular themes, it has been designed to work straight out of the box (if it doesn’t look right please let us know so it can be adjusted to suit your theme.

Packed with a custom page template, Pretty Checkout will allow you to adjust your cart and checkout pages to look perfect and not cramped with outdated sidebars.

What have we done?

Cart page

1. Redesigned the cart page. This isn’t a drastic redesign. We added a wrapper for height and repositioned a few elements using mostly simple css.

2. We added gateway icons that appear under the proceed to checkout button with a positive message about a sae and secure checkout

Checkout page

1. We switched the billing and shipping fields around. Now they enter their shipping fields first and if they have a different billing address they can enter it after

2. Placeholders. They now shrink when you click within the text form field

3. Moved the shipping below the form

4. Reorganised and redesigned the payment fields.

5. Added a return to cart link at the bottom

6. Optional sticky order review box for desktops

7. Checkout flow counters

This plugin also works with Address Finder, which will provide instant addresses for your shoppers.

Give your site  a more modern look that works with all gateway providers, all for free


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