About Us

Hi, I’m John and I’m an avid WordPress developer.

I began my journey with WordPress in 2011 when I decided to launch my first website. At the time I knew very little about websites and and the thought of WordPress seemed daunting. My first attempt at a website was with a simply drag and drop what you see is what you get editor. How can I put this? It was horrid. It wasn’t responsive and looked like something from the mid 1990’s. After receiving some honest feedback and suggestions to look into WordPress, I took the plunge.

It was a steep learning curve, as many who first attempt to use WordPress will attest. I lost count of the number of times that I broke my website. Thankfully I was cautions and documented every change I made. This set me on my path to learning the fantastic content management system (CSM) that is WordPress.

Fast forward five years and my skills had advanced considerably. I was competent with CSS, HTML and jQuery and finding my feet with PHP. It was at about this time that I decided to expand my learning and understanding of the languages that WordPress uses. I finally decided to start officially learning the languages by taking courses.

By 2018 I was writing (when I had the time) how to guides for custom functions to help other website owners out. By 2019 I started writing and publishing my own plugins. In February 2019 I published my first plugin in the WordPress repository. It was not a success with downloads, but just publishing the plugin was encouragement enough to continue.

In 2020 I decided to start a double Masters which will be completed in early 2022. On completion I will earn a Masters degree in Data Science and Information Technology.

Through practice and learning I am now skilled in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Regex, Bootstrap, Python, R and Java. While I have a few skills under my belt that don’t align with WordPress, my heart lies firmly with the CMS I have come to love.


Graduate certificate in data science with distinction RMIT 2020

Studying Masters data science UNSW, information technology CSU

Most popular plugin:

Ultimate Bulk Noindex Nofollow 1000+ active installs

Hours a week spent on code:


Years experience with WordPress: