Pretty Checkout Documentation

Pretty Checkout is an easy to use plugin that will modernise your checkout and cart page. This should give your shoppers an easier, more comfortable shopping experience.

1. Install

After downloading the plugin head to add new plugin, click upload plugin and select the zip file you downloaded.

Activate the plugin once it has uploaded

2. Configuring Options

The plugin comes mostly ready to use out of the box. In fact, in many cases you can even start using it without any settings enabled/

2.1 Gateway icons

Go to WooCommerce >> Pretty checkout.

Select the payment gateway icons that you want to display on your website. not all are available, but most are.

Once you have turned them on select how many icons should be shown per row. We recommend showing the same number as you have enabled for a better, cleaner look.

2.2 Cross sells

Select the number of cross sell items to be shown per row on the cart page. If you don’t use cross sells or don’t want to enable this setting it will use the default theme settings

2.3 Sticky order review on checkout

If you want to enable a sticky order review on the checkout enable this option (only works on desktop). You’ll also need to set the distance from the top it should stick. This is handy for sticky headers.

Click save when the settings have been set.

3. Cart and Checkout Pages

You may find that the cart and checkout pages are a little cramped on some themes when a sidebar is there. Not all themes have an option to disable a sidebar, so we have included the option in the plugin.

Go to the cart and checkout pages and click edit.

On the side look for a page template (under page attribute, templates in Gutenberg editor) for a page template that is container no sidebars

Click update without removing the shortcode.

Do this for both the cart and checkout pages

4. Test the cart and checkout

All going well it will be working without a problem and helping you to increase sales.


Pretty Checkout works with the highly recommended AddressFinder plugin found on WordPress. This is a freemium service that uses postal (you read that right, postal) address validation to autofill addresses for shoppers. The service requires a free api key and provides up to 500 queries a month. It is well worth adding to your website.

With the addition of Pretty Checkout and AddressFinder you’ll have your checkout optimised and looking more like the Shopify checkout in no time

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